Love Live! Sunshine!! Debuts Sailor Uniform Backpacks

Love Live! Sunshine!! Debuts Sailor Uniform Backpacks
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The idol anime mega franchise has a new set of stylish bags to prove your devotion to Uranohoshi High, but they might be daunting to wear outside.

Fans of Love Live! might be surprised at the angle they took with the design…

Retailer Tokyo Otaku Mode opened pre-orders for a new line of rucksacks and wallets on May 24th, and fans will be able to choose between three different bags, with each having a different colored necktie accessory representing the school year. First years get a pretty dandelion yellow, second years get a deep crimson and third years get a stylish aqua green.


What better way to show your commitment to the Aqours girls’ fictional high school than to carry around a backpack that looks like the torso of an attending member? It’s almost like you get to go to school with them yourself… almost.

And for a mere 5,500 yen (US$50.70), how can you resist.

If those don’t strike your fancy, there’s the additional option of a pouch on the same theme for 3,500 yen.

Pre-order the bags from the Tokyo Otaku Mode website, but take note, these bags aren’t planned to ship until October.

“Got my order in for the new sailor rucksack and pouch… the first year version, of course! October is so far away…”

As Aqours sing, “Daisuki dattara Daijoubu!” (“It’s okay if you love it!”)…. and if you really do love it, you’d better hurry and pre-order.








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