Love Live’s Normal Girls Are Getting a Rare Opportunity


If you’re one of the lucky few in the anime community who has resisted the siren song of Love Live! School Idol Festival, here’s a quick rundown of how the app works. It’s a rhythm game you play with your thumbs, collecting cards depicting characters from the show to build your ultimate idol team and get the highest score possible. Each card also has a special mini-story attached to it based on the character and the costume.

But here’s the tricky part — if you want a girl from µ’s (or Aqours, depending on whether your region has rolled out that update yet), you’re going to have to work a little harder. All the girls you know from the anime can only be found as Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare cards. The Normal cards are all new characters created for the game. The fact that they’re not voiced and they’re not as powerful score-wise as the familiar girls makes no difference to players, though; the Normal girls still have fan followings.

from School Idol Festival Wiki

Now a new project — Perfect Dream Project, to be specific — looks to be bringing some attention to these fan favorites. A poll was held last year to find the fans’ nine favorite Normal girls, and a piece of commemorative art (seen above) was released at Thanksgiving featuring the winners. And funnily enough, three of those same nine girls (the top three, to be precise) were revealed to be the first girls in the new, as-yet-unnamed idol group joining µ’s and Aqours in this expansion of the multimedia franchise.

Taking the top spots were Emma, Shizuku Osaka and Kanata Konoe. When the site first went up, only their silhouettes were visible, but sharp-eyed fans soon figured out which three they were based on their hairstyles. And the site’s most recent announcement, which shows new art of the three, proves the fans right.

from LLSIF Wiki

Unfortunately, the news was so big that at the time of this writing, the official site for the project was down. Hopefully at the time of publication it will have recovered. But if it hasn’t, you know why — a third group is joining our favorite girls!

So what does that mean for the nine Normals? Fans have a lot of guesses. Perhaps they, like their predecessors, will receive Rare and better cards in the game. Perhaps there will be CDs, figures, and other merchandise. Who knows?

For now, the scope of Perfect Dream Project is still under wraps. But we’re sure to find out more as time goes on.

What do you hope the new project will bring? Which girls would you like to see join? Let us know

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