Lucky Fans in Japan Get Best “Pacific Rim”/”Mazinger” Night Ever

Lucky Fans in Japan Get Best "Pacific Rim"/"Mazinger" Night Ever
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Life’s not fair sometimes.

North American fans get a limited-run Mazinger Z/Infinity showing — an unexpected bonus. But the West still misses out on a lot of coolness when it comes to giant robot action. Take the latest decision for one Mazinger Z screening night. Not only will anison legend Ichiro Mizuki be on hand — they’ll be screening a preview of the new Pacific Rim film, too!

Anison’s Big Brother

Lucky Fans in Japan Get Best "Pacific Rim"/"Mazinger" Night Ever
Source: Mazinger Wiki

If you’ve never heard of Ichiro Mizuki… well, you’ve still probably heard him. Known to fans as Aniki, Mizuki was (and still is) one of the biggest voices in giant robot anime music. He performed themes and insert songs for the Mazinger Z franchise — and he’s still at it! You can hear him yet again performing the film’s “Infinity” version of the classic theme.

Additionally, Aniki created and pulled together the talent behind JAM Project. The hard-rocking anison group supplies tunes for the Super Robot Wars franchise, as well as just about any mecha or Go Nagai-related series released. You can hear them together with member Hironobu Kageyama’s previous band, Lazy, performing the theme to Mazinger Edition Z!

At this point, Aniki is synonymous with the world of Mazinger. He even has (or rather “had” — sadly, someone stole it) his own Hover Pilder. So he’s been touring the world following the film’s opening festivities. And he’ll be on hand in Japan for the special night. But that’s not all…

Robot Brothers

Lucky Fans in Japan Get Best "Pacific Rim"/"Mazinger" Night Ever
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Director and producer Guillermo del Toro acknowledges Mazinger Z and the genre it created as one of the big influences behind Pacific Rim. And it’s true: Mazinger was the first time the pilot actually sat inside the robot! While we see influences from other shows and films, Go Nagai’s innovation is absolutely at the forefront.

So it’s no surprise that del Toro’s giant robot film and Nagai’s giant robot series fit together. They fit so well, in fact, that this special Infinity screening will also host Japan’s first look at scenes from Pacific Rim Uprising!

It’s a match made in heaven — or in Japan, at any rate. It’s hard to not be at least a little jealous of this big evening, especially considering Aniki will be performing as well as being in attendance!

Pacific Rim Uprising comes out this spring.

Which giant robot are you most excited to see on the big screen? Tell us in the comments!

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