Lupin Returns! The Gentleman Thief Is Back For “Part 5”

Lupin Returns! The Gentleman Thief Is Back for "Part 5"
(Source: Otaku Mode)

Legendary thief and loud jacket wearer Lupin III never really left the world of anime. He’s been with us in annual specials for decades! But recent years have brought us entirely new TV series featuring the hero and his gang. From The Woman Called Fujiko Mine to the recent “blue jacket” series, it’s obvious he’s back for a while. And now, it’s official — with a Series 5 visual!

Lupin the Fifth

Lupin Returns! The Gentleman Thief Is Back for "Part 5"

The creators announced the new series last summer, after the success of season 4. The new run placed the gang in Italy, where they confronted new baddies and a whole new set of mysteries.

Oh, and Lupin got married.

The addition of fashion model and adrenaline junkie Rebecca made for a very different brand of issues for the classic character. But the series was absolutely classic to the brand, with vintage art and kinetic animation.

What the Future Brings

Lupin Returns! The Gentleman Thief Is Back for "Part 5"
(Source: Otaku Mode)

Part 5 will move the action from Italy to France. The creators haven’t given much away about the new season, but that posture sure is interesting.

For one thing, it looks like we’ve got another new character to deal with. During Part 4, Lupin was at odds with the mysterious Agent Nyx. This new character striding alongside him in the poster is completely unfamiliar. Will he be an ally? Nemesis? Both? In Lupin III, the two aren’t mutually exclusive!

Additionally, the imagery is far more high-tech than most seasons or films. Even though the gang has advanced with the times, there tends to be at least a little of an “old school” feel to what they do. The digital look, especially Lupin’s new eyepiece, is intriguing. Will we see him adding “hacker” to his list of abilities next season?

All will be revealed — eventually — when Lupin III Part 5 premieres this April.

Are you excited about the new series? Let us know in the comments!

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