This Luxury Train Is Everything A Fan Of Japan Could Want

Image: AFP & JR East
trip to japan Train Suite Shiki-shima japanese luxury train
Image: AFP & JR East

On May 1st, JR East debuted the new “Train Suite Shiki-shima.” …An extravagant Japanese luxury train that features everything a traveler might need and things they never knew they wanted. If you are a fan of Japanese culture and ever planned on traveling to Japan, this ride is perfect for you, but I hope you have some disposable income. A single trip costs thousands of dollars and a two or four day journey can run you up to over $10,000. The cars are only designed to hold up to 34 people at one time so there is no worry about overcrowding or not being able to get a seat in the amazing dining hall. For the opening day trip, there was a lottery to see who would to take the very first ride on the first luxury voyage… it was over-enrolled by 76x.

This thing was designed to be the supreme tourist attraction in transportation form. If you don’t already have your  trip to Japan planned out, then you probably want to start saving up now to get your ticket on this luxury voyage.

trip to japan Train Suite Shiki-shima japanese luxury train
Image: AFP & JR East

There was no expense spared in the construction. Every part of this experience was planned with indulgence and extravagance in mind. Even the silverware in the dining hall is specially nickel plated and many pieces of furniture in the lounging car are made of wood that was bent by using steam to alter it into the correct shape. There are even cypress bathtubs in the personal suites.

It focuses on giving travelers a beautiful and ambitious look at what a traveling experience can be when technology is applied. On both ends there are dome cars that have huge expansive windows in the ceilings and walls that let the passengers watch the scenery whisk by as they lounge on comfy sofas. Even the path you will take was planned with beauty in mind. If you are into sparing no expense, you can always stay in a samurai castle and then hop on this exclusive train for a ride through the Japanese countryside. It’s pretty much the ideal way to see Japan if you’ve only got three or four days and don’t want to stress about walking the streets of Japan.

trip to japan Train Suite Shiki-shima japanese luxury train
Image: AFP & JR East

The journey mainly travels through picturesque mountain and coastal scenery. From May to November, they will offer a four day trip covering parts of northeastern Japan and a two day trip through Yamanashi, Nagano, and Fukushima. Everything about this train and the tracks it follows have been chosen to provide the best experience possible. This is the ultimate example of the journey being the real destination when you are traveling, but good luck getting a ticket because this train is already fully booked until March of 2018.

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