Macross Delta Is Zooming To The Big Screen

Macross Delta Is Zooming To The Big Screen
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The ladies of Walkure are back, and they’re larger than life! Macross creator Shoji Kawamori has announced that Macross Delta will be making a cinema outing. He made the announcement during a major fan event.

The news is… well… a little divided.

The Bad News: It’s Not New.

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It’s the big question for any anime movie: new or compilation? Previous Macross films have been a bit of both. Do You Remember Love? and the Frontier two-parter were largely new, but Plus was a compilation. So which way did Delta go?

The latter, as it happens.

Kawamori announced that the new film — Macross Delta the Movie: Walkure in Passion — will be a compilation. So we’ll be seeing the same 26-episode story, probably with some improved animation here and there.

Now, that’s not all bad. Compilations often give creators a chance to remove filler and tweak scenes that need work. But it can be a disappointment to some fans when the new content isn’t new. However, Kawamori has promised upgraded battle scenes and a bit of extra content here and there.

The Good News: There’s New Music!

Fortunately, the pillar of Macross will be getting an upgrade: there’s a new song coming!

Music has been a mainstay of the franchise for ages. And as we speak, Kawamori is putting together the storyboards for Walkure’s newly-recorded song. Considering just how integral music is to the plot — both in Delta specifically and Macross as a whole — it should be pretty amazing.

Macross Delta the Movie: Walkure in Passion opens in Japan next February. But, as always, it may be difficult to see it overseas because of rights issues. Of course, we can hope that some progress will be made in the near future, and we can see our favorite space idols larger than life!

Are you excited about the new film? Let us know in the comments!




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