Madōgu: These People Have Real Life Superpowers

flame of recca powers Madōgu

While watching Flame of Recca last night, I couldn’t help but ponder what I’d do if I was granted a Madōgu. For those who haven’t streamed the show, know this: Ninjas have the ability to acquire “Madōgu”, mystical, psychic devices that grants its beholder special abilities.

  • Fūjin allows its wielder to manipulate the element of wind
  • Dosei no Wa  increases its user’s physical strength
  • Idaten  increases its user’s running speed
  • Tendō Jigoku grants its user eternal life

And then I realized… There are real life people that totally embody these Madōgu. Think about it.

Fūjin: Simone Biles

If you don’t know the name, you definitely know the face. She’s the American gymnast that won gold (multiple times) at the Rio Olympics, soaring through the air like a damn rocket. And if you don’t believe me, just watch for yourself.


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