“Magical Girl Site” Is Mahou Shoujo Creepypasta

"Magical Girl Site" Is Mahou Shoujo Creepypasta
(Source: Otakomu.jp)

If we ever had dreams of being magical girls, we’re sort of starting to abandon those. Magical Girl Site isn’t the first to make us dread super powers, but it’s up there.

You Can Find Everything on the Internet

(Source: otakomu.jp)

Imagine finding a website that grants you magical powers. Seems safe, right?… No, of course it doesn’t. We’ve all read enough horror to know this never turns out well.

Aya, a girl suffering daily at the hands of school bullies, stumbles upon the site. It grants her a magic wand in the shape of a gun (like you do). When she uses it to defend herself against a bully, it makes them disappear — only to be transported in front of a moving train and killed.

As for her transformation? Well, her hair turns red and she cries blood. So there’s that.

She discovers another magical girl in her class, whose magical item is a cell phone. And together, they find that the website from which they gained their powers is counting down… but to what?

Modern Horror

As we’ve said before, grimdark magical girl shows are nothing new. They’re nearly as old as the genre. But Magical Girl Site seems to be reinventing the idea of the Dark Magical Girl. Rather than just taking the tropes and making them Not Fun, it’s pulling from very specific modern fears and concerns.

Manga creator Kentaro Sato is no stranger to dark magical girl stories; he’s the guy behind Magical Girl Apocalypse. In fact, Magical Girl Site is a spinoff of the previous title. So if you’re familiar with the zombie-killing, body-horror action of Apocalypse, you sort of know what to expect.

Magical Girl Site is already giving off a wild vibe in its early PV, which won’t be unfamiliar to fans of the source manga. And its focus on scary websites, bullying, and self-harm put it in an uncommon class when it comes to other shows of its type. It seems to fall — whether accidentally or deliberately — into a more “creepypasta” genre, with a heavy focus on modern unspoken fears.

What will the new show bring? We’ll find out in April, when Amazon Prime streams Magical Girl Site worldwide.

Will you be watching Magical Girl Site? Or is it a little too morbid for you? Let us know in the comments!

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