Make New Friends, but Keep the Old…

A true friend is a sibling you can choose, someone you can count on to have your back, no matter the odds. A true friend is loyal, dependable, and trustworthy—but most of all, a true friend is rare. That is why we’ve dedicated this post to celebrating the best friends in anime, through thick and thin, these pairs will be together forever. Probably. There are no guarantees in anime…


Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown

They work together, they live together, they even wear each others’ clothes. The “Handymen” of Ergastalum, Nic and Worick have a long and storied relationship that is more than meets the eye. While at first they appear to be strictly partners, a series of flashbacks throughout Season One reveals that the two met at a young age when Nic was working as Worick’s bodyguard. Without giving too much away, certain horrific events caused the two to create a tight bond that neither man will ever forget.

See these two mercenaries work together in Gangsta, available with English subs in United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland or with Spanish subs in Spain, and Portugal


Mio Akiyama and Ritsu Tainaka

Of all the members of Light Music Club, no two characters are more opposite in personality than Mio and Ritsu. That is, perhaps, why they make such great friends. Mio, the bass player, is the calm and collected member. Ritsu, the drummer, is the upbeat and loveable jokester. These two young girls are evidence that opposites attract, and their lifelong friendship reflects that. Even though Mio is always whacking Ritsu on the head, the two are the best of friends, no matter what the band goes through.

Listen to these two childhood friends make music together in K-ON, available with English subs in United States and Canada.

Blood Blockade Battlefront

Amagranoff Luozontam Ouv Lee Nej and Leonardo Watch

Some friendships are built on years of shared experiences, while others begin with a bang. The unlikely duo of Nej and Leonardo begins suddenly one morning when the Beyondian, Nej, is crossing the street only to be struck by an oncoming truck. Leonardo rushes to his side and the strange creature begins asking for burgers. Leonardo takes pity on Nej and begins supplying him with a steady stream of fast food, and so develops a beautiful friendship. Even after the two friends lose their memories, their relationship perseveres.

Watch these two unlikely companions devour burgers on Blood Blockade Battlefront, available with English subs in the United Kingdom


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