Mamoru Oshii Forgets To Do His Work Because, Video Games


He’s famous for Ghost in the Shell, Angel’s Egg, and The Sky Crawlers. But lately, Mamoru Oshii has been getting attention for being so obsessed with Fallout 4 that he missed some deadlines.

from Automaton

The legendary director also runs an e-zine available via NicoNico, and fans found out recently that they’d have to wait six extra days for the next issue. This meant readers would be left hanging for nearly an entire week as they waited for Oshii to continue the story of his Fallout 4 play-through, in which he assembled an underhanded five-point plan to take out the Brotherhood of Steel single-handedly.

The reason for his delay is both ironic and relatable: he was too caught up in Fallout 4.

Oshii had to report to his manager (who also happens to be the moderator of his magazine’s Twitter account @oshimaga) and explain that he needed a little more time. His manager said he’d make an announcement and asked for a statement. Oshii’s statement? “Sorry :(”

from Automaton

When asked for a slightly more helpful statement, Oshii admitted that the delay was due to his recent Fallout 4 marathons. Oshii’s fans were slightly more forgiving than his manager probably felt, making comments ranging from “If that’s what happened, it’s okay” to “This just makes him even cooler.”

It just goes to show that, no matter how famous or accomplished you are, you can still succumb to the siren call of video games if you don’t prioritize (or perhaps even if you do). So next time you forget to finish that paper because you were too wrapped up in your latest game, just remember you’re in good company.

Automaton recently published one of Oshii’s Fallout 4 columns, in which he talks about the fun of playing a solo character fighting against an entire army and how he intends to turn from scavenger to terrorist (in the game, of course) to win the day. Readers of his magazine can follow his play-through in real time… well, almost real time.

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