Man Attacks Motorist With Replica Samurai Sword

Man Attacks Motorist With Replica Samurai Sword On Japanese Expressway

An incident that occurred in Aichi Prefecture on Wednesday shows that having to share the road can be too much for some drivers to calmly deal with… Even in the middle of the night.

Let’s just say this tailgating showdown isn’t exactly the sort of duel of honor told about in tales of yore.

According to the Aichi Prefectural Police, at around 2 a.m. in a westbound section of the Tomei Expressway (which connects Tokyo and Nagoya), a 43-year-old truck driver moved into the passing lane to overtake a passenger car in front of him. However, after the pass was completed, the driver of the car began aggressively tailgating the truck.

The truck driver then pulled over onto the shoulder of the expressway in Nisshin City. The driver of the car did likewise, and as the motorists exited their vehicles, the car’s driver began shouting

Why don’t you get out of the damn way! I’m in a hurry!

Despite his “lack of time”, the driver of the car still had enough time to brandish a two-foot replica katana, which he then attacked the truck driver with. Specifically, the police report says the car driver “pounded on” the truck driver with said samurai sword, suggesting that its blade was not sharpened. Even without a cutting edge, the assailant managed to break the truck driver’s right knee after landing multiple blows.

The driver of the car then got back in his vehicle and fled (maybe to catch that appointment?). So as you’d expect, the truck driver then contacted the police, who are now searching for the driver of the car. They believe the ninja-want-to-be is in his 20s or 30s, and police are treating the attack as a homicide.

So there you have it. Samurai road rage is a thing, apparently.

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