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Great news for comic lovers!

Indie comic Wayward is coming to the big screen. Or maybe small screen, we don’t really know yet. What we do know is that Manga Entertainment bought the rights to Wayward with the intentions of animating it into… well, something.

Why is this such good news? In short, because Wayward is awesome. It’s unlike anything you’ve read before.

Wayward cover art
Artwork by Alina Urusov via

Wayward follows the story of Rori Lane, a girl who moves from Ireland to Japan in an attempt to reconnect with her mother. There she gets involved with mystical events and supernatural beings, like Japanese demons and yōkai. Craziness ensues.

Writer Jim Zub is an industry veteran, having written on countless comics in the past. He’s worked on everything from Street Fighter and Pathfinder to Samurai Jack and a Mega Man Tribute! Check out the profile on his website, there’s a lot of interesting indie work there. Whatever he touches usually turns gold.

His story has an east-meets-west kind of mashup theme, which you can also see in the art style.

Artist Steven Cummings draws anime-style characters, but he also uses ultra-detailed illustration commonly found in the western comic world, à la Marvel and DC. The coloring also helps the series stand out, which uses the talents of color artist Tamra Bonvillain. Together, their art is fantastic – just browse though some past covers and you’ll see what I mean. They even created one that’s an homage to My Neighbor Totoro. Cool, but kind of creepy too.

We’ll have to wait and see whether it becomes a movie or show, but either way it has loads of potential. People predict Wayward will become very, very big, and this acquisition may be the beginning of its rise to the top. We’ll have to wait and see!

In the meantime, you can read Wayward and tons of other comics with a Comixology membership (if you don’t mind reading comics on a Kindle).

I usually vote movie, since movies are better quality, buy I’m voting for ongoing show for Wayward since shows have been getting better in the last few years.

How about you – movie or show? Drop a line in the comments below.



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