Meet Kuu: Japan’s Favorite Owl

from @KuuOwl on Facebook

Japan sure seems to corner the market on cute weird pet videos, especially lately. But if you’re looking for something especially adorable, you might want to check out Kuu. He’s not a cat or a hamster — he’s an Eastern screech owl with a loving family and his own string of social media accounts. And if you’re not already a fan of the Internet’s favorite owl, we guarantee you will be soon.

japanese pet kuu owl
from @KuuOwl on Facebook

This lovable little raptor turned 4 years old last month, and he’s had a charmed life. His unseen owners give him toys, little private pools for bath time, and run of their apartment. He even gets to go visit his fellow owls at local owls cafes, meetings which are recorded on his Instagram and other social media.

Kuu originally found fame on Vine, largely in six-second videos that showed him scampering toward his owner’s hand for head-scritchies. But the platform’s demise hasn’t slowed his roll. He’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube! Fans in need of a cute animal fix will definitely want to jump on his Instagram, as it’s updated fairly regularly.

japanese pet owl kuu
from @KuuOwl on Facebook

Not long ago, Kuu got himself a sibling: a spectacled owl named Pon. Pon is only two years old, but much bigger than their older brother — they weigh seven times as much as Kuu, and have a 47-inch wingspan! As to whether Pon is Kuu’s brother or sister… the owners admit to not being sure! Even Kuu is listed as “probably male.”

Kuu isn’t just an Internet celebrity, either. His videos have appeared on Japanese variety shows, much to the delight of viewers. But despite his multiple TV appearances and nearly 15,000 Instagram followers, Kuu does not seem to have been affected by his fame. Most of his posts show him hooting at his owner, playing with his favorite star-shaped chew toy, or perching on one of his padded shelves.

Are there any other animals online that brighten your day? Tell us about them!



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