Meet SPRiNGS: The “Hottest” New Idol Group in Japan!


Looking for new music that warms your heart and makes you feel alive? Look no further than SPRiNGS, the latest idol group out of Japan, whose first mini-album drops this month. They can sing! They can dance! They’re adorable! And they’re the human embodiments of Japan’s hot springs!…

Okay, maybe we should take a step back.

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The idol group SPRiNGS serves as the core of Onsen Musume, a crowdfunded multimedia project created to raise awareness about famous hot springs throughout Japan. The project was successfully funded via Makuake, and was brought to life by a massive team of artists, writers and singers.

As the story goes, Sukunahiko — the goddess of hot springs — gathered together the various demi-goddesses of famous onsen throughout Japan. These nine girls were given a mission to bring happiness and healing to the people of their country… which they do by becoming an idol group!

Each character was designed by a different artist, creating a variety of looks for the group. And now that the group is assembled, Onsen Musume can launch its five-pronged attack on the hearts of its fans: an anime, manga, music albums, a game, AND live performances.


So far, only the live performances and music have officially happened. The voice actresses behind SPRiNGS have appeared at a few live events, and their first mini-album, “Yunohana Prologue,” is going out to Makuake supporters before hitting the shelves. But it looks like there are plans to make this as far reaching as, say, Love Live! and other such idol-centric shows.

As for its intention of bringing awareness to the hot springs of Japan? Each of the girls shares a surname with one of these hot springs, and their personalities are tied to aspects of their respective springs and surrounding geography. Will that clue SPRiNGS fans in as to their origin? It just might! For now, there’s a lot to look forward to from this project.

What do you think? Are you willing to jump on the SPRiNGS hype train?

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