Meet The Guys Behind Devilman Crybaby’s Freestyle Raps

Meet the Guys Behind Devilman Crybaby's Amazing Freestyle Raps!
Source: Netflix / Science Saru

What’s the most memorable thing about Devilman Crybaby? There’s crazy imagery and an intense story, but there’s one thing we all keep coming back to: the raps. A relatively small part of the series, they’ve still become the high point for many fans. And these fire-spitting freestylers are — as you may have guessed — well known rappers in real life! Meet Ken the 390, AFRA, and Young Dais.

Meet The Trio

Meet the Guys Behind Devilman Crybaby's Amazing Freestyle Raps!
Ken the 390: from GenerAsia

Born Takeshi Sakuma, Ken the 390 is a big part of the thriving hip-hop scene in Japan. He helped to establish Da.Me.Records, which has debuted multiple indie hip-hop stars. He made his own debut in 2006 with the album Prologue.

Young Dais hails from the group NORTH COAST BAD BOYZ, and has appeared in a few films and drama series. Born in 1981, he can be spotted in Twisted Justice and Tokyo Tribe, among others.

And laying down the beats is Afra, born Akira Fujioka. In 2005, he formed Afra & Incredible Beatbox Band, and has been performing ever since. Samurai Champloo fans will have already heard his style: he showed up as the beatboxing Shinpachi in episode 8.

The Devil’s Music

Meet the Guys Behind Devilman Crybaby's Amazing Freestyle Raps!
Source: Devilman Wiki

Alongside rapper Hannya, these three (and German/Japanese voice actor Subaru Kimura) provide the voices for Wamu’s Gang. Just in case you’ve somehow missed seeing this amazing series so far, we don’t want to give too much away about what happens to any of them. Suffice to say you’ll see them around, freestyling through various scenes and being somewhat threatening.

Fans immediately latched on to the Gang’s style, which didn’t surprise the creators in the slightest. In fact, the trio were on hand at Netflix Japan’s DEVILMAN NIGHT to perform! The launch party styled itself after the series’s Black Sabbath (though far less threatening), and featured music from the series. There was no doubt in anyone’s minds that Wamu and his gang would stand out, even among the demonic goings-on of the series.

In fact, buyers of the Japanese Blu-Ray box will get the bonus of a disc of the raps! One of the box’s five discs is a collection of the gang’s freestyle creations, so you can listen to them whenever you please. Another extra disc will include memories from the aforementioned DEVILMAN NIGHT.

Was Wamu’s Gang your favorite part of the series? Consider searching out these three superstars for more of their amazing style!

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