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Life got you down? World a little too real nowadays? Don’t worry… we have just the solution: cosplaying guinea pigs!

Out in Japan is former Twitter user @chikuwa_kintoki (sadly no longer active), who decked their two guinea pigs out in a variety of anime, game, and American media cosplays. The pair have found their way into the worlds of Street Fighter, Super Mario Brothers, and even Friday the 13th! While the Twitter account appears to be deactivated now, you can still scope out a few of the piggies’ adorable costumes over on Dorkly.

For those missing the antics of these cosplaying cavies, don’t worry. There’s a herd in the West that’s still bringing fictional characters to life! Fuzzberta & Friends is a social media set devoted to MiniGuineaPig, Jennifuzz, her three babies, and Fuzzberta herself. (Note: Fuzzberta is no longer with us, but her photos pop up on occasion.) The pigs go on adventures via Instagram photos on a regular basis. Whether it’s shopping, sailing, or heading to the pub for a pint, they’re regularly documented for their fans.

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The herd doesn’t stop there! They’ve been known to cosplay as Pokémon, kaiju, Adventure Time characters, and beyond. Often their costumes are relevant to current releases (see MGP’s Wonder Woman getup!), which means you’ll see them in everything from Game of Thrones to A Handmaid’s Tale. They also sell cute stickers, prints, and greeting cards on their Etsy shop!

With super cute shots like these, I can’t imagine why they deactivated account. Was it because they ran out of ideas? The guinea pigs didn’t want to dress-up anymore? They grew up, got married, and had non-cosplaying babies?

This feels like the intro. to a podcast series. We’ve seen a cosplaying cat… Now guinea pigs… What critter should be next?

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