Megalo Box: Best Anime Of Spring 2018?

megalo box anime
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Rarely does an unknown anime release turn out to be a total game-changer. But when it does, it’s an invigorating breath of fresh air.

Megalo Box is that anime.

Released 50 years after the classic boxing anime manga/anime Ashita no Joe, Megalo Box is a partially a reboot of Ashita no Joe and partially just inspired by Joe.

In the future, megalo boxers enter the ring wearing a high-tech device that increases their strength and speed. The show follows Junk Dog, an amateur megalo boxer who makes a living taking falls in set-up matches for a local crime syndicate.

One day he fights a champion in disguise named Yuuri. Junk Dog gets beat bad and Yuuri says that if he wants to fight him again, he’d better step up and work his way through the ranks like a real boxer. That inspires J.D. to start training seriously, in preparation for Megalonia, a world boxing event where true champions are discovered.

Under the name Joe (tip o’ the hat to Ashita no Joe) J.D. starts climbing the ranks of Megalonia, testing his limits along the way.

Here’s the Japanese trailer:

The plot of Megalo Box sounds pretty like a typical underdog story. But what makes this show stand out is the unique setting, incredible animation, and powerful music.


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