Metal Gear Survive: Has Konami Lost Their Best Series?

metal gear survive
Source: Konami

For over twenty years Metal Gear has been one of the best action/espionage games… on any platform.

I’m afraid that time is now over. RIP Metal Gear.

No, Konami hasn’t discontinued making Metal Gear titles (although I wish they would). Instead, they’ve let Metal Gear branch off into insane storylines that undermines what made the core story so good.

No longer do you play as Solid Snake as he tries to uncover devious plots devised by rogue ex-military commanders looking to start new wars-for-profit.

No, in Metal Gear Survive you fight crystal-headed monsters. No I’m not joking. Here’s the trailer:

Slowly but surely, Konami has let the espionage game transform into a supernatural-zombie-pocolpyse-tower-defense-survival game. It’s Konami doing the only thing Konami knows how to do – crap on good things.

Now I can’t totally hate on Konami, they’ve produced some of the finest games/franchises ever. Metal Gear, Contra, Castlevania, Silent Hill, Suikoden…

But they’re also the ones who love ruining the beautiful things they’ve created. Their latest attempts include:

  • a Silent Hill dungeon crawler (ugh)
  • a Castlevania/God of War clone (ugh), and now
  • a Metal Gear meets The Last of Us tower defense abomination (UGH!)

Konami can’t seem to get it right.

If I could get inside the ear of one of their developers, I’d scream “Stop trying so hard!!!”. I’d love if they’d drop all the crazy plots that betray the series’ original story elements and end the genre bending. Because Metal Gear Survive is the final nail in the coffin for one of my most beloved franchises. It’s DOA. Game over, man. Game over.

I’ll always remember the original game back on the NES. And when Metal Gear Solid knocked everyone’s socks off. Or the countless hours paying Metal Gear Online in college. But I don’t think I’ll ever pick up another MG title until the bastards responsible for Survive are brought to justice for their crimes.

Majorly opinionated post here, I know. Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments.


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