Mobile Mario Kart Coming In 2019

Mobile Mario Kart Coming In 2019
(Source: @NintendoAmerica / Twitter)

Remember when cell phone games consisted exclusively of Snake and Tetris? Nintendo sh*ts on those days.

Success stories like Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run have turned the heads of bigger old school gaming companies into pursuing this audience. Nintendo recently took to their American Twitter page to announce that a mobile game version of the Mario Kart franchise is going into development… Predicted to be released March 2019.

That’s all they’ve said… and sadly, we know very little about the overall project. The biggest question is how they will adapt the gameplay into the controls available in the mobile format. I mean, I’ve tried various driving based games for the mobile system and tilting the phone is a tricky way to steer. With everything on the screen, how do they plan on being able to throw turtle shells or boost those mushrooms? I’m sure they’ll have a solo racing mode, but one of the most interesting moves they could take is if they leaned into the multiplayer aspect of the game and mobile players were able to compere worldwide.

Here’s to hoping.

The most enjoyable part of every round of Mario Kart I’ve ever played has been taking out my friends with a well-timed blue shell or zipping past them at the last second. Making the game an individual experience would be a big missed opportunity. Frankly, it’d be great if they could institute something like the Pokemon battles in Pokemon Go, where even strangers could challenge each other in races or kart battle settings…

Nintendo, let me know if you need suggestions.

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