Monster Hunter World: 3 Tips For Newbs

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The brand new entry in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter World, was just released last month… and it’s getting some rave reviews (there’s also a real-life monster hunt). It’s the most accessible and most fun to play of the franchise… So grab it, immediately.

But here’s the thing. If you’re new to the franchise and want to conquer the game (which, obviously), you’ll want to follow these 3 beginner tips:

Find Your Rhythm- Monster Hunter World is being hailed as the most fast paced version of these games, but that doesn’t mean it flies by. This is not a game that you can charge through blindly when you have a few spare minutes. The monster battles are almost always fast-paced and fun, but the parts in between take a little bit of patience. I mean you do actually have to hunt these monsters down. Playing this in the best way is a series of getting a quest, doing all the prep work like eating and altering equipment, hunting and fighting monsters, and collecting your bounty. Then you do it all again. You could always ignore this style of game play, but it is really more efficient to find your rhythm and set a pace.

Don’t Get Cocky– This is not a Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row game, you are not the master of your domain. Monster Hunter World isn’t designed for you to become a demigod that slays monsters at the flick of a wrist. Any creature can present a real challenge and the new monsters you meet along the way will automatically scale up their power to meet whatever experience and new or improved gear you accrue. The experts say to treat every hunt like a boss fight and always go in prepared: get those health potions, eat your meals, and study your foes.

Explore Your Surroundings– The town of Astera has a lot to experience, but you do need to put the time in. There are the obvious things like the NPC’s with exclamation points over their heads that have information or little delivery quests. You’ll need to explore on your own beyond what the basic story play gives you to find some important things like research centers, vendors, or characters that give quests. When you see your Commission colleagues in the field you should always chat them up too. They will give you helpful information, crucial bounties, and some useful items.

Take these tips and enjoy 2018’s first great game.

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