Monster Hunter World Gets a Release Date And Crazy Trailer

Monster Hunter World Gets a Release Date And Crazy Trailer
(Source: Capcom)

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show event, Capcom announced that their new game Monster Hunter World would become available worldwide next January 26th for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This new game will be the fifth in the Monster Hunter franchise and the buzz about this one is very good.

Check out the preview trailer below:

Monster Hunter World will be an open world experience where, just like the previous games, you get to hunt and kill/capture dangerous monsters. It will be able to run single player mode online or offline and even offers an up to four co-op player mode. It doesn’t offer any local multiplayer features which is kind of a bummer, but many games are doing away with that in favor of the online multiplayer audience. Many of the previous features of the franchise’s past will remain in this new one. The weapon types from Monster Hunter 4 and Generations have become mainstays and will still be available.

One new aspect of Monster Hunter World is that there will actually be a bit more hunting. Since this is now an open world experience, players will have to do a bit more legwork than in previous games. There are scout flies that help you track these beasts down and you can find things like tracks, droppings, or slime trails to give the scout flies more to go on so they can lead you faster.

Another aspect of the game world that is changing because of the open world? More danger. In previous games, you could escape the threat of a rampaging monster just by exiting the zone you were currently in. When you did that a loading screen would kick in and give you a moments respite. You could take a second to heal up and brace for the fight, but now without those safety zones, you will not get that luxury.

During their Tokyo Game Show presentation, Capcom also confirmed the future release of a special Monster Hunter World ‘Liolaeus’ PS4 Pro edition. It will include a console, a Dualshock PS4 controller with custom artwork and the game itself. This will actually drop in Japan first in early December, with pre-orders available now.



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