Month in Review: New Branded Content and Anime Finales!

Another month come and gone and another year done with! Viewster has been there to help provide our amazing fans and supporters with new, amazing and spicy content to help fluff the growth of Viewster. So let us explore what made this month so amazing and awesome!

First we had the amazing branded channels by our amazing content creators Misty Chronexia, Jaymes Hanson, ForneverWorld, 49 Shades of Grey, Phil Mizuno and Tekking101 bringing us all outstanding content ranging from anime news, reviews or cosplay tips and tricks! To be fully honest we are loving the cosplay insight and find it super intriguing; we may even try to cosplay ourselves! We never have to leave the office in order to learn about anime! Wait a minute…


This month also brought us the finales of Utano prince Sama LS (US, CA, UK, NL, IE and Scandinavia)  Gi(a)rlish Number (US and CA), FLIP FLAPPERS (CA, DK, FI, IE, NL, NO, SE, UK, US, and ZA) and Matoi the Sacred Slayer (DK, FI, IE, NL, NO, SE, and the UK). Personally we loved all of them equally! Even if we feel biased towards one or two! We got to be musically enriched and we got to look at artistic lives and worlds beyond imagining. We still have ClassicaLoid running though! Cannot get enough of the amazing voice work of Tomokazu Sugita as Beethoven.

Lastly, we finally made it to the end of the year and it has been a fun and varied year at best! We mean this when we say this, but thank you for all the support you have all shown Viewster. It is an amazing boost of encouragement for us to work our hardest to bring you all anime content that is memorable, engaging and fun to watch. We brought new simulcast titles into our library (ranging from Gi(a)rlish Number to the phenomenal FLIP FLAPPERS) and we also brought forth some old faces from the yesteryear of anime past like Galaxy Express 999 or Gunbuster 2. While we also bring you branded content and quirky films, we know that you all have come to enjoy our selection and we have enjoyed working our best to tirelessly bring you new content every month. It would be harsh of us to not recognize the work our fans have done in helping to support and promote us around the globe. It is frankly awesome and it makes you all very much a big part of our Viewster family.

Most of the simulcast titles are done with, but ClassicaLoid is composing itself along strongly!

So from all of us here at Viewster and beyond, thank you for the continued support that you all have shown us these past few months and for the continued support that you all have shown us! Making content for you all is the best job that anyone could ever ask for! Hopefully we can continue to entertain and dazzle you all with the varied amount of blog based content, anime content and branded channel content. We all hope your 2017 starts out on the right foot!

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