Naka-Kon 2017: The Kausus Review

As you all may have heard, we recently ventured over to Naka-Kon.

Naka-Kon is a convention that takes place every March during the second week of the month over in Overland Park, Kansas City, Kansas. This convention is one of the bigger anime conventions for the Midwest and it is frankly the best; period. With its gorgeous cosplay and its varied panels, one could not have chosen a better convention.

Now as with all things it does have its rough edges. The Sake Tasting event was fun and varied, but it was lacking in some aspects from past conventions; maybe they just didn’t have the flavor that we wanted…

That being said it was still an experience to cherish. One thing that you NEED to understand: not everyone wants their pictures taken or pictures of their events; cosplay and events are not consent. The convention goes to great lengths to accommodate and ensure that everyone is accepted, comfortable and is having a wonderful time.

The comfort just didn’t end in accommodation, it began with food. From a cyber cafe to a beef pho booth, Naka-Kon wanted to make it’s impression this year by offering totally delicious plates of God Tier foods. We were in absolute heaven when it came to figuring out what to do for that lunchtime craving; even the vendor hall had booths catering to once and a lifetime chance grabs at Japanese sweets and foods. Everyone could find something to enjoy about the conventions food selection.

The arguably best part about this convention experience? The people. …Helpful, fun, engaging and passionate about what they love. We even got to greet a few adoring Viewster fans who loved the convention experience as much as we did. This convention stands out in the sense that creative sparks are allowed to be ignited. Nothing can beat the gleam of a child finally getting to meet the Sailor Scouts!

Image courtesy of band member Kouta

Musical performances were key to this convention and Rondonrats brought everything we love about Japan with them. Performing for their very first time in the United States, it was tough to predict how the crowd would react… The ballroom was filled and the juicy melodies echoed over all the hustle and bustle.

All in all, we feel that this convention makes you feel at home. No  matter the distance you traveled or the obstacles you faced to get here, it was a weekend that left you with a childish grin and a yearning for more.

Take a look at A.W.’s convention perspective, here!

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