New App Could Make You a Shonen Jump Star!

New App Could Make You a Shonen Jump Star!
Image source: MediBang

Want to make your own manga, but can’t afford the tools or software? Or maybe you just need a helping hand from an expert? You’re in luck, because the new JUMP Paint app can do both.

Make Manga Like Shonen Jump!

New App Could Make You a Shonen Jump Star!
Image source: MediBang

JUMP Paint offers everything you need to make your dream manga: pens, tones, fonts, and other assets. The best part? They’re free. (No, like, actually free, not “free for a week”). Not only that, you’ll actually get help using those assets. Every week, Shonen Jump editors upload lessons on character design, layouts, and more to make your manga creations shine. Plus, you can sample popular titles like Naruto and My Hero Academia right from the app!

So what do you do with your creations when you’re ready to share them? Well, the app also gives you access to Shonen Jump Rookie, the mag’s portal for sharing your work and discovering new talent. So just by using the app and sharing what you make, you have a good chance of being seen by the editors.

New App Could Make You a Shonen Jump Star!
Image source: MediBang

Oh, and did we mention there’s a global contest? Because there’s totally a global contest.

Make Manga for Shonen Jump!

Shonen Jump launched JUMP Paint as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations. And as another part of the celebration, they’re running a global contest to search out their next big manga talent. Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto will be the chair of the judging committee. Alongside the other judges, he’ll choose one lucky artist to win 1 million yen and publication in Shonen Jump!

If you have the app, you can enter — just get your original work in by January 5, 2018.

Oh, and you won’t have to worry about language issues, either. The app is available in Japanese, Korean, English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Russian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. And you can download it for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Ready to get started? Head over to MediBang, then learn more about the app and download it!

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