New “Doraemon” Film Makes History

Nobita’s Treasure Island
©Fujiko Productions

For people who grew up in Japan, Doraemon is an essential part of childhood. And it’s been going strong since it first appeared as a manga in 1969. Now, a year shy of his 50th anniversary, everyone’s favorite robot cat is making history with his latest film!

Doraemon At The Movies


If you haven’t met this classic children’s character before, it won’t take long to catch you up. Doraemon is a robot cat from the future who’s made friends with schoolkid Nobita Nobi.

Nobita doesn’t like doing homework or chores; Doraemon has a dimensional pocket full of gadgets. Together, they get themselves in loads of trouble.

In 1980, Doraemon and his friends made the jump to the big screen in Nobita’s Dinosaur. Since then, a new Doraemon film has hit theaters every year, minus 2005. That was the year the series made the jump to its modern iteration… And to celebrate the change, a remake of Nobita’s Dinosaur came to cinemas in 2006.

Since then, each annual Doraemon film has become a major event thanks to celebrities who grew up on the series are lending their voices to new characters. So where does that put us in 2018?


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