New Fantasy Manga From Female Artist Duo Akira Himekawa

Akira_Himekawa New Fantasy Manga From Female Artist Duo Akira Himekawa
Source: Gamepedia’s Zelda Wiki

Lots of juicy news at this year’s Anime Expo. One of interest was a new fantasy manga from the artists behind The Legend of Zelda manga and the My Little Pony manga.

Akira Himekawa sounds like a typical male Japanese name, but in this case it belongs to a pair of women, penned individually as A. Honda and S. Nagano. Working together since 1991, Akira Himekawa’s manga credits include The Legend of Zelda, Astro Boy, My Little Pony, Gold Ring, and others.

Their new series is called Kamdo. The story takes place in ancient Japan (Jōmon period, starting 14,000 BC) and is heavily influenced by mythology. There are loads of fantasy elements, including dragons and magic, but also elements mashed together from historical eras, such as dinosaurs and shamans.

Artwork of the main character makes him look suspiciously half-human, half-dragon. Kinda sounds like Dragon Half, doesn’t it? I seriously doubt they’ll make Kamdo as ridiculous as Dragon Half though. That series only lasted 2 episodes (and thank god).

Looking at the duo’s previous work, they seem most comfortable around this ancient history, fantasy, and animals. Gold Ring is about an Arabian boy and his falcon, Nazca follows a group of reincarnated Inca warriors, and The Dragon Dreams of Twilight even has a half-man, half-dragon main character. Kamdo may just be a combination of the best things they’ve done in the past!

This announcement was only that – an announcement. There’s still not much in the way of promotional artwork or other details. We’re guessing it’s still in the infancy stages and will take months to years before release.

The Akira Himekawa gals will make another US appearance in October at Comic Con, New York. They’ll probably spend the next few months preparing, so we’ll get more Kamdo then.

In the meantime, you can sink your teeth into their other manga.

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