New Galaxy Express 999 Manga Coming Soon

New Galaxy Express 999 Manga Coming Soon
(Source: @yuzuru_simazaki / Twitter)

Akita Shoten’s monthly Champion RED Magazine revealed on Monday that the Galaxy Express 999 franchise has inspired a new manga entitled Ginga Tetsudo 999 Another Story: Ultimate Journey (Galaxy Express 999 Another Story: Ultimate Journey).

The manga will launch in the magazine’s May issue on March 19th (confusing dates, we know), and will adorn the cover of the issue.

The manga is part of a project to celebrate Matsumoto’s 80th birthday, and its first chapter will even feature a color page. He’s credited with the original work, setting, and design for the manga, but Yuzuru Shimazaki is drawing the new series. Shimazaki previously drew a reboot manga of Matsumoto’s Gun Frontier manga. Here’s a peek of what’s to come thanks to Shimazaki:

The Matsumoto Leiji – Mugen Sōzō Kidō book — which also celebrates Matsumoto’s 80th birthday — will contain a new chapter of the Galaxy Express 999 manga when it ships today.

The story of the anime and manga follows a young orphan named Tetsuro as he travels with a mysterious woman named Maetel through the galaxy on a space train, in the hopes of obtaining a cybernetic body. The train stops at many planets along the way, often leading to adventures for the two.

The manga is also getting a stage play adaptation that will run from June to July to celebrate the franchise’s 40th anniversary.

Celebrate it with us by streaming the original Galaxy Express 999 below.


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