New Mini SNES Is The Answer To All Gaming Needs

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Nintendo has been teasing their tiny Super Famicom re-release for a while. The time is upon us — the SNES Classic is even better than we thought!

21 Points of Nostalgia

New Mini SNES Is the Answer to All Your Gaming Needs SNES Classic

Craving another round of A Link to the Past or Super Mario World? The Mini Super Famicom has 21 vintage SNES titles built in. Kirby, Fire Emblem, multiple Mario titles, and Star Fox 2, just to name a few, are featured on the console.

Yes, you read that last sentence right. The unreleased Star Fox 2 is HERE. Originally, its creation took so long that it became obsolete before it could even be released. The game was completed, but never released. But now the creators have had a long-delayed release celebration, and fans finally get to experience the sequel!

Upping Your Game

The new introductory video for the system also introduces some extremely helpful functions:


Two new options make it easy to get your game on. The Save Anytime option does just what it says, allowing you to do a quick reset and jump back to a convenient spot rather than starting from the beginning of the level. Forgot to save? Replay, like a DVR, lets you run back the game a bit to try again.

You can also customize your visuals with 12 different frames, and with screen qualities that allow for Pixel Perfect, 4:3 resolution, or a super-retro Analog TV look. And speaking of TV, it’s easy to hook your Mini Super Famicom up to either TV or computer via HDMI or USB adapters.

And the big question: what size are the controllers? Normal size, of course! (Anything smaller would be a mess to try to play with!) The system comes with two classic controllers in the traditional size to help play your best game.

Hurry up and buy one if you haven’t already. The PreOrder sold out in seconds, and retailers aren’t expected to make it with stock through the weekend.

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