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what's new on viewster april

Another month done and it’s time for another fantastic roundup of our favorite news & original content. April was a good month for the game enthusiasts among you and our video content has been just as spicy. So, let’s jump in: Here’s what’s new on Viewster.

The Nintendo Switch grabbed our gaze. Even if you haven’t been an eagle eyed observer, you’ve probably seen how obsessed we are over Nintendo’s newest gadget. It is the single best device for an impromptu gaming party and it frankly is the epitome of the ideal home console on the go. While it has been one slippery console to get a hold of, we know that the larger community is in love with what the Nintendo Switch represents for the future of gaming. You can read about our opinions and impressions of the device below.

Zelda On The Go: The Nintendo Switch Review

Put On Your Party Pants: Nintendo Switch Wants To Come

Jaymes Hanson informs and entertains. Grab your favorite cup of joe (or tea) for this one cause this month was a doozy. First we got Sir Jaymes Hanson chatting about the most dropped anime series. This is something that all of us can relate to for reasons of length or just a loss of interest. Secondly Jaymes tackles the new announcement for DBZ fans around to globe and that was DBZ VR. This will finally let fans young and old become the Super Saiyan’s they were meant to become. Way to go Japan, way to go.

Get to know Jaymes even better: Listen to our exclusive interview with him.

StevenlovesBoA mixes up some drinks and KKS diversifies our cultural pallet. Alright, we love, love the fact that StevenlovesBoA brings us fruity cocktail drinks with every video. Our parties have become more lively and so have our taste buds. His latest uploads showcase a Legend of Zelda & Sailor Moon inspired drinks; What is there not love about those two? Lastly our newest content creator KKS (Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi) gives us a slice of Japanese culture on the go, giving us a front row seat to the Hello Kitty birthday party… As well as one heartfelt review to the best anime movie ever, Your Name.

Get your drink on with a side of anime reviews from KAWNPAI.

THEN, get cultured with KKS.

If we missed an article or video you enjoyed, feel free to let us know down in the comment section below! And of course, we’ll see you all next month for our May round up.

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