Get Your Daily Serving Of Vegetables In New Pikotaro Song

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We’re confused, and it’s Pikotaro’s fault. All we know is there’s a song, it has something to do with vegetables… And it’s already got over 1.2 million views.

Maybe you can help us?

What Is MomoClo-chan Z?

A while back, Momoiro Clover Z started a children’s project called MomoClo-chan Z. The show was pitched to kids, featuring the (then) five singers as hostesses. The program featured singalongs, cartoons, puppets, and (of course!) dancing.

Now that Momoka has moved on, the group is down to four members. But it looks like Rainy Reni, Popo Arin, Dandelion Shiorin, and Sunshine Kanako are still ready to sing for the kids!

(Source: MomoClo-chan Z)

But what about that fifth member? Well, the group has collaborated and performed in a lot of different styles before. Just look at their metal collab with the legendary KISS. Who could follow in Gene Simmons’s footsteps?

Pikotaro, apparently.

You Say Potato…

Enter “Vegetable.”

The new song, featuring meme star Pikotaro and MomoClo in their kids’ show mode, is all about… well, vegetables. Potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, and parsley, specifically. Incorrect classifications aside, the song… well, doesn’t tell us much. Except that vegetables are a thing. We also get some fun dancing from MomoClo.

Also… is it just us, or are the girls doing some pretty on-the-nose impressions of Pikotaro in the video?

This isn’t the first time he’s appeared on children’s television in Japan, either! Back in 2016, he joined Elmo and Cookie Monster for a new take on the PPAP song. (Unsurprisingly, it was cookie-centric.) He also took some time to go over the finer points of this version’s hand motions.

As for the “Vegetable” video? Pikotaro says that the editing was extremely intricate and difficult, even though it looks quite simple. So for his sake, make sure you watch carefully to appreciate his art.

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