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It’s true, the world of anime is full of super fans. Super, ultra, MEGA fans. But we’ve all started somewhere, right? Since we believe in the power of “no man left behind”, we’ve created your ultimate guide of basics.

Manga is deep rooted in Japanese culture and its influences in Japanese pop culture are undeniable. Born from the post-war era, shōnen manga and shōjo manga acted as guides for men and women. Manga tells an in depth story, building characters, building plot and enchanting its followers. Manga has transformed into one of the most entertaining, thriving and influential art forms in the world.

While these stories start off as what might appear to be a black and white cartoon, they are no less enthralling. Manga not only stirs the hearts of young children with kawaii style mangas focused on simple and absolutely adorable characters, it also carries spellbinding qualities involving characters who steal your heart and enchant your mind with their complex and well developed storylines. Manga covers a wide variety of genres including but not limited to sci-fi, action, romance, comedy, and adventure.

And then there was anime…

From the black and white pages of our favorite manga comes anime; animated series inspired by rich, developed stories bringing characters to life with movement, sound and color. Indulging in anime allows a great excape from reality filled with fantastical and diverse characters using creative shots and emotive animation. The possibilities in anime are completely endless and the diversity in genres and characters makes anime accessible no matter the genre you are seeking.

As manga proves its popularity anime creators bring the story to life, but manga is not the only anime influence. Video games that have gained significant popularity like Pokémon, have also inspired anime.

Anime brings life to the characters from the pages of manga and while the characters are important, so is the theme song. Anime theme songs are usually from the J-Pop or J-Rock genre. Because of anime’s reach, the exposure almost guarantees a hit record.

Understanding Japanese culture can’t be done without gaining an understanding of how manga and anime inspire the everyday lives of Japanese people. Pop culture’s influence around the world is undeniable and manga is Japan’s pop culture guru. Without a deep understanding and long term relationship with manga you miss out on a vital piece of Japanese culture.

I mean… Character birthdays are celebrated like holidays in Japan. What more can we say?!


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