Nintendo Confirms A Pokemon Game For The Switch

Nintendo Confirms A Pokemon Game For The Switch

Rejoice and celebrate my fellow Nintendo Switch friends: Switch is getting its very own Pokemon game in the coming future. Can you say, “PSYCHED”?

Let me note, this is not coming anytime soon; frankly I’m just thrilled that we’re getting a Pokemon game for the Switch in general. (This will surely spell doom for their handheld New 2DS platform, however.)

Nintendo Confirms A Pokemon Game For The Switch
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This will be the first full HD, 3D traditional Pokemon game. Just let that sink in for a moment. Yes the 3DS gave us a swanky new feel to the Pokemon games, but nothing like this. The true on-the-go console experience is something that only the Switch can produce. I wonder where they will move the series next?

Nintendo Confirms A Pokemon Game For The Switch

At the time of this writing, Nintendo has only announced plans to bring a Pokemon to their Switch platform. My biggest fear is that they may bring us a Pokemon that is nothing like the handheld versions we cherish so dearly. While I can shudder in fear of the unknown, I have full faith in Nintendo’s ability to bring the best possible game to us. 2018 will be a great year for the Nintendo Switch if they’re able to deliver something similar to the Pokemon that we have fallen in love with.

If you have yet to grab a Nintendo Switch, you should. Pay attention to your local store stocks and grab them; they are literally flying off store shelves. I recommend calling or pre-ordering the later bundles if you want to grab a Switch.

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