No Love? Got Friends.

Squad Goals

OH the glorious world of anime. Whenever you’re feeling lonely, there’s always a cheery crew of anime companions to get you through it.

Next week’s holiday (which shall not be named) has us appreciating friendships more than ever. Rejoice in some serious squad goals with our favorite clique of all time: found in Love Live! School Idol Project.

Few give us greater friend-vy than Nozomi and Eri at Otonokizaka High School. They’re about as different as can be, but like all great pairings they 100% complement one another. A good friend supports you through the tough shit, pushes you forward, and DAMMIT, they sing.
Honey’s Anime
 has the ultimate squad roundup: Check out their list of  the Top 10 Best Friends in Anime right here.

OR, just dive right in to our favorite – – – We’re streaming Love Live! School Idol Project now.


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