Nothing Like a Few Great Anime to Make You Miss School

For many young people around the world, June is one of the most wonderful months of the year because summer vacation officially begins! No more classes, no more books, no more homework, no more teachers (Alice Cooper, anyone?) There’s nothing but free time to stay up late and catch up on anime! Super mega ultra bliss! The only question left to answer is which series should you be watching with all of this free time? To answer this question I’ve compiled a list of five school themed anime series which will remind you of all the things that you have waiting you once vacation comes to an end!


The Clubs

When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

One of the coolest things about school are club activities… if only they were as awesome as the literature club in this series! Sure, your fellow club members might not having awesome supernatural powers and they might not be pawns in a scheme set up by conniving fairies but still clubs are cool.


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The Classmates


One thing that I always hated about vacations when I was in school was not getting to see friends and acquaintances every day. Hyakko is a series that reminds us that no matter weird they might be, friends can make any school situation into something fun and entertaining so long as you’re willing to open your mind a little and learn to enjoy life.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 13.16.33

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The Teacher

Azumanga Daioh

Sometimes being class can be made all the worse because you have a particularly boring or mean teacher that you can’t stand. Sometimes though you run into an awesome teacher like Yukari Tanizaki and every single day that you’re in class becomes an adventure in itself!



The Field Trips

World Break

Sure, we can’t all travel to exotic islands and have amazing training trips to the beach like the kids in World Break but field trips are still an awesome part of the whole school experience because let’s face it, class trips are awesome.

aira 5.4

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The School Itself

Baka and Test

Maybe you don’t have an awesome teacher or amazing classmates though… what is there to look forward to instead? How about the school itself? I know that you’re not going to get to enjoy avatar battles like the members of Class F but there has to be something about your school building that makes it just a bit special to you if you’re willing to look hard enough.



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