OBJECTION! Local Cosplayers Stage Ace Attorney Trials

OBJECTION! Local Cosplayers Stage Ace Attorney Trials
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The nine idols of Aqours have been killed in a mysterious incident… and Nico Yazawa is the main suspect! Who will save everyone’s favorite anime idol? Everyone’s favorite video game attorney, of course.

Take THAT.

OBJECTION! Local Cosplayers Stage Ace Attorney Trials
Image source: Fueled by Coffee Cosplay

Since 2008, Fueled by Coffee Cosplay in Virginia has been bringing the characters of the Ace Attorney games to life at anime cons in mock trials. The trials feature Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey facing off against Edgeworth, Franziska, and Godot in cases involving a variety of popular anime characters. Justice is served in a fully scripted, fully staged panel. The most recent, presented at Anime Mid-Atlantic, pitted Nick against his old rival Godot as the girls of Love Live! took the stand to defend Nico against a heinous murder charge.

The trials began with a Sailor Moon case in 2008, kicking off with a staged murder in the con venue. Attendees watched as Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars fought a youma on a balcony, before Usagi disappeared from view and “fell” to her death below. (Actually, a body pillow fell, and cast members covered it quickly with a sheet.) Sailor Mars went on trial the next day.

Did she do it? Well… we don’t want to say. The group is planning to revisit some old scripts, and we wouldn’t want to spoil the big surprise!

What Next?

OBJECTION! Local Cosplayers Stage Ace Attorney Trials
Image source: Fueled by Coffee Cosplay

Since then, the group has added music and special effects to their presentation. They’ve also gotten rid of the “crime scene” aspect — partly because of the difficulty in staging, but partly because a few local police officers were a little too convinced. Still, loyal fans pile in to see beloved characters on the stand. The performances contain plenty of in-jokes, audience participation, and slapstick. And the judge is never the same twice — most recently Miraculous Ladybug presided with Chat Noir nearby, but the judge is always a “third party” from a different popular show.

Next year will be the Ace Attorney trials’ tenth anniversary, and they’re looking to observe the occasion in style. After which… there may be a break. The trials so far have included only characters from the original Ace Attorney trilogy. The break for the founders (one of whom, Troy Gale, plays Phoenix) may see the introduction of characters like Apollo and Athena. But there’s no question that they still want to keep going and continue to make the trials bigger and better.

If you’d like to find out more about them, check out the official Fueled by Coffee Cosplay Facebook page!

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