Old But Gold! Classics We Adore!

Let’s be frank, it’s tough to beat a classic. Today, we’re diving into our exquisite selection of old-school favorites… Eat your heart out.





Click here to enjoy Dallos!

Dallos: What a gem. If you love odd, epic and phenomenal action then this is the one for you! Dallos takes the seat as one of the first OVA titles to be sent straight to media circulation and it is one of the first titles that renowned director Mamoru Oshii who happens to be the godly man behind the hit series, Ghost In The Shell! With this anime being a shorter one it is enjoyed in delicious and delightful bite sizes, with a heaping dose of kick-butt action and surreal music.



Click here to enjoy Fist of The North Star!

Fist of The North Star: An anime for those who love manly men punching other manly men… and freaky things. Honestly a cult classic, and one guilty pleasure to binge on! The tried and true art form is as solid as they come and as far as a title worth its weight in gold, this title for sure has the hip vibe. We cannot get over how brawny these dudes are! Like, who is your personal trainer cause we’d like to know… for a friend.



Click here to enjoy Gunbuster 2 Diebuster from CA, MX & US!

Gunbuster 2 Diebuster: If you are looking for awesome mecha and ladies who show some skin to wield awesome powers, then this one is for you all. Gunbuster 2 Diebuster reminds us of going to the arcades and being able to play that old, but insanely fun game! This anime is all that and more wrapped up in an awesome sandwich of amazing animation and superb fight scenes; also the fan-service doesn’t hurt either! It accentuates the flavor and brings out a certain charm to the overall polish of the anime.

Did we miss a classic that you loved? Sound off down below with some of your favorite old but gold titles and we will be sure to give them a look!

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