OMAKASE: From Prototype to Doorstep

Earlier this year, we began working on a mission we hoped would take the anime world by storm: combine amazing, awesome, and exclusive merchandise with premium anime streaming. In a relatively short amount of time our work led to a new experience entirely; OMAKASE was born, but we knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. Putting a special gift box together takes an enormous amount of curation, time, and logistical wrangling, and we wanted to get this right. The challenge was clear, so we set an ambitious goal: Create two test boxes — nicknamed “Alpha” and “Beta” — and get them out the door ourselves, so we could get a feel for every challenge along the way.

Even though these tests were designed for a limited run, we wanted them to be something special. The Alpha and Beta boxes have been meticulously designed by our curations team to explore and present two different concepts: Alpha is a “featured IP” box, in which a single character or series is explored, while Beta is a “theme” box, in which we explore an emotional or dramatic element to its full potential.

Viewster OMAKASE Hatsune Miku Alpha Box
OMAKASE Opening Act ft. Hatsune Miku


Because the Alpha and Beta boxes take different approaches, each has presented its own unique challenges. For the Alpha box, we decided to celebrate one of our favorite digital divas, and worked directly with artist HappyMappy and our friends at WeLoveFine to create a vibrant and beautiful Hatsune Miku shirt, exclusively for OMAKASE. For the Beta box, we scoured our sources to find items that could complement each other from lots of different titles we love, and stumbled upon a secret cache of out-of-print English language Mameshiba keychains we simply couldn’t resist; then, to add a unique twist to the package, we commissioned a cool original print from Skullgirls creator Alex Ahad.

After months of hard work, we’re super excited to announce that the OMAKASE Alpha Box began shipping to a small number of our friends, fans, and partners this week, with an ultra-exclusive limited run of 100 boxes. It was a lot of hard work, and so far, we’ve been really thrilled by what folks are saying about OMAKASE! The Beta Box will soon follow, and we’re working now to finalize the list of recipients and reach out to the folks who will be getting one. (If you’ve gotta have one, you can still get your own Beta Box by referring 20 friends using our special referral tool!)


Of course, both of these special previews are but baby steps on the road toward our big launch this fall, featuring Kill la Kill. There are still plenty of surprises ahead, and we couldn’t be more eager to share them with you!



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