Opinion: The Industry Is Swamped In ‘Plot’

Plot. It’s a word we anime-fans use regularly while referring to shows that tend to feature exposed women; or for shows that definitely highlight fan service. There is plot in shows that don’t need it, shows that completely rely on it, and so many that feature entirely too much of it.

It’s a freaking epidemic.

There is just too much plot in shows that don’t need them. Now yes, fan-service is a way for creators to… reward their fans for dedication. It’s like dangling a doggie treat to your dog for being an obedient pet. From one anime enthusiast to another: Plot is a godsend. It gives life to our favorite waifus or husbandos… Plus it undeniably drives promotional sales after the fact.

But, even as someone in favor of it, plot has reached a point where it’s ruining simple slice of life anime. Everything is great until the first set of partial exposed breasts or butt cracks crawls out. I can’t help but think, “WHY?!” I wish I held the answer to that question.

The simple fact is that most anime feel obligated to add fan service. Take the slice of life anime, Non Non Biyori as a cringe-worthy example. It goes out of its way to showcase a beach scene where a gifted elementary girl’s assets are made the primary focus. Aside from being creepy and downright wrong, it made absolutely no sense.

The storyline didn’t need plot, yet it still received the plot treatment. While it is delicious in moderation, it is repulsive in excess and should be curbed.






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