Opt For A Raunchy, Comical Valentine’s Day

No romance to be found here - Guaranteed.

It’s the season of love, and there’s no denying it. Everywhere we turn we see anime snuggles, kissy faces… And don’t even get us started on the love triangles.

If you’re like us and would prefer to reject the holiday altogether, few titles steer you more clear of romance than Prison School.

YES, it’s filled with fan service.

YES, it’s filled with sexual tension.

And most importantly, it’s filled with enough inappropriate jokes to drown out that God-awful Kay Jewelers commercial you’ve heard on TV over, and over, and over again.

Get the full lowdown on the Prison School good good with our friends over at AniRecs Anime…. OR, just find out for yourself by watching it here (streaming in IE and UK).



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