Osomatsu San Season 2: Trashy Excellence

Osomatsu San Season 2: Trashy Excellence

Anime series Osomatsu San has caught major success in recent years. Think… the Japanese equivalent to South Park.

Osomatsu San follows the Matsu Sextuplets as they struggle through their early adult lives. Unemployed and useless excuses for humans, the sextuplets tackle each day with some epic comedy.

Osomatsu San Season 2: Trashy Excellence

Its recently released season 2 picks up where the first season left off. The sextuplets are rolling with popularity and yet, their parents still shun them as worthless excuses for humans. The sextuplets are forced to try to become working members of society; or not.

Spoiler: They won’t succeed in any way, shape or form.

But nothing says fun like six grown men slaving away trying to find meaning in life. The lovable and desperate Matsu Sextuplets are a fan favorite in Japan and have created a massive following across the globe.

The original show (entitled Osomatsu-Kun) debuted in 1986 with a much more “serious” feel. Converted from a manga which originally popped up in 1962, one could say this is one of the older anime adaptations to exist. Osomatsu San Season 2: Trashy Excellence

The series revival, Osomatsu-San, brings it into the modern age and dashes the sextuplets with crippling social-phobia and desperation. At least they are giving us a few good laughs out of the deal.

Be forewarned, the show jabs at Otaku and NEET culture, but it does so in a way that only an insider can do. And yes, there are races skits, and sometimes it’ll force you into questioning your own humanity.

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