Otaku Dating Site Suggests Daters Find Other Interests (ouch)

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Dating in Japan can be difficult. Especially for otakus.

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Otaku men have a reputation for being very shy; preferring to daydream about their favorite waifu over the uncomfortable act of speaking to women. This trend, combined with some other unexpected trends, have caused Japanese marriage and birth rates to plummet. It’s become a concern for the government.

Japan has actually accused Japanese millennials of “not having enough sex“. Don’t hear those words of scorn often, eh? So it makes sense that some smart Japanese entrepreneurs would start a dating site targeting otaku men.

Tora Con launched in February of 2017 with the goal of helping otaku men and women meet. They offer phone consultation and matchmaking services, proving they are legitimately trying to help (for a fee, of course). Upon launch, they proved their commitment to helping otakus find love by vowing to screen out non-otakus from their service (i.e. random dudes looking for a hook up).

Tora Con’s Twitter feed has become an interesting Q&A for those seeking answers to some, er, unorthodox questions. For example, “Do some people keep sex acts secret?” I recommend using Google translate on the page for some interesting insights in Japanese dating concerns.

But last month Tora Con took to Twitter to suggest something that seems a bit counter-intuituve:


1. People with only otaku-related interests
2. People with otaku-interests, but who also do non-otaku things
3. People with otaku-interests, but also some other attractive quality

People in groups 2 and 3 are the ones who’re most likely to have romantic success, so if you can, it’s best to give yourself some sort of “added value.” As much as possible, really. So we’d like you to explore non-otaku interests as well.

They followed up with:

To those of you who say “The only things I want to do are otaku stuff,”

That sounds like a lot of fun, and we don’t deny your right to live that way. But…

What will you talk about when you run out of otaku stuff to talk about?
Where will you go on dates?
What will you talk to your partner’s parents about when you spend time with them?
When you have kids, how will you play with them? Will you push your hobbies onto them?
What will you do when you can’t do otaku stuff?

Seems like Tora Con is having a hard time finding matches for otaku with zero other interests. It’s like trying to date someone who wants nothing more than to “Netflix and chill” all day, every day, forever. Cool for awhile, sure, but you gotta let that couch air-out occasionally. Febreeze cannot perform miracles.

Anyway, we’re all hoping that otakus find other interests and Japan solves the lack-of-sex problem. This is definitely one of those problems that is uniquely Japanese.

Thanks to Sora News for the spot-on translations. What other hobbies and interests do you have to balance out your otaku obsession? Let us know in the comments.

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