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While Viewster is primarily known for its library of anime titles, we also have an eclectic selection of animated classics. In browsing our catalog, you’d likely stumble across a veritable time capsule of animated treats, but here are three series to peak your nostalgia:



Decades before Christopher Reeve wore the cape, way before Ben Affleck was a bat, Superman was just a comic strip. He was brash, violent, roughing up gangsters and mob bosses with abandon. Soon after his pen and ink debut, Superman made the jump to the television screen in 1941. Over the next couple years, 17 episodes total were produced, and each episode is available to stream at Relive the glory days of the Supe’ as he takes on a wide-array of dastardly villains… mummies, giant gorillas, nazis, no enemy is can match the strength and speed of the Man of Steel!

Popeye the Sailor


Everybody’s favorite spinach swilling sailor, Popeye the Sailor, first appeared as a comic strip character in 1929. Many people don’t realize it, but he didn’t appear as an animated cartoon until a guest appearance on a Betty Boop cartoon in 1933. Eventually Popeye was given his own series, and a sweetie pie named Olive Oyl to watch over and protect. This mean-muggin’, tattoo-havin’, musclebound sailor man is in constant conflict with his adversary Bluto, and they quickly became known for their innovative and hilarious battles.

Max Fleischer Color Classics 

Max Fleischer

Max Fleischer was a director, inventor, and innovator in the cartoon industry best known perhaps for his creation, Betty Boop. His patents and innovations, such as the Rotoscope, brought about a new age of realistic animation. This collection of short “Color Classics” displays his techniques and unique style and serves as a testament to the past, present, and future of the animated medium.


Catch all 3 of these animated series and countless others at! Which classic cartoon is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by reaching us on social media.


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