Persona 5 Hidden Secrets

Persona 5 Hidden Secrets
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The long awaited Persona 5 finally came out earlier this year worldwide. Viewster has already reviewed it and we’ve all talked about the craziest characters you’ll meet. As players get deeper into the game, more secrets and hidden surprises are coming out. Persona 5 is a big game with tons of things to discover, this is just a short list of the things people have already found.

  • My Neighbor Totoro – This one has already made the rounds quite a bit. We all know the Studio Ghibli fans are devout and they definitely picked up on this reference. In a possible dungeon within Mementos, Morgana transforms into a bus to help you get around. When he does, he says, “Cats turning into buses’ is an extremely widespread cognition among the general public.” This is a connection to the movie, My Neighbor Totoro, where they ride a giant magical cat bus.
  • Jailer Boss Fight – Caroline and Justine are a pair of eye-patch wearing jailers. This secret boss fight can only be accessed in new game plus mode. You must first unlock the Mementos, then start a conversation with Justine. There is a lengthy conversation that will lead to a very challenging boss fight against these two jailers.
  • Get Reading – Taking the time to read in game will be an easy way to gain some nice stat boosts. Different books will give different stat jumps and just reading on the train or in the library is not hard to accomplish. Reading about new places will also add them to your map. Read often and make sure you are getting different books all the time.
  • Reaper Boss Fight – The Reaper has made appearances in other Persona games and is well-known as an extremely difficult fight to win. This time he pops up in the Mementos if you waste too much time roaming around. The trick to beating him actually relies on checking the calendar. If you arrive on certain days when a status ailment effects all monsters it can make battles much easier. If it’s flu season, the Reaper will just kill itself for you.
  • The Ginyu Force – This one is both a little vague and direct at the same time. In Yusuke’s palace, there is a small group of Sentai action figures all posed very dramatically. All their colors are mismatched, but their posing is exactly the same as the pre-battle stance of the Ginyu force from Dragon Ball Z.
  • Getting Rich – There are many ways to earn some cash in Persona 5, but some players have taken to finding the quickest ways to collect tons of cash just by dedicating some boss battling time to money making time. They predict you can max out your money bank of Yen just by dedicating a couple of hours to this money grind. The technique involves three main components: the Confuse Boost skill, your Luck stat and the skill Pulinpa. The first step is getting into a boss battle, because neither side can retreat from the battle. Once you have those skills, you get yourself in a boss battle and confuse your enemy over and over again. If your Luck stat is really stacked then it will greatly increase your chance of collecting more money. You can earn thousands very quickly just by staying in the battle.

These are just a handful of the tricks & secrets that have been uncovered in Persona 5 so far. What goodies have you guys found?



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