Portal Is Back With New Bridge Constructor Game

Portal Is Back With New Bridge Constructor Game
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The Portal games from Valve are among my all time favorites, especially Portal 2. Now, the franchise is returning with an all new take on the portal hopping lovable puzzle solving of its forefathers.

Concept is simple: the player builds bridges to help the flow of traffic make it from point A to point B. With this new release, the bridge construction tools will include the blue and orange portal system as a means of transportation. It also looks like GlaDOS is back in one form or another.

There hasn’t been an official Portal game since 2011, but the characters and brand name have shown up in fun cameos in other games and properties.The actual bridge building genre is pretty interesting subset of the puzzle game type. The original intent of games like this were for people to manage their funds properly and build simple bridges to take vehicles from one side of a chasm to another. In true internet fashion, the players of these games began building all sorts of ramps and odd structures to hurl or crash land their vehicles to the other side.

It became a creative underground for people to try out weird and new ideas. Portal provides a simple challenge with possibly complex solutions to test the minds of players who are looking to challenge their brains instead of their controller reflexes.

Bridge Constructor: Portal is available TODAY on PC and Mobile devices… Then PS4, XBox One and Switch early next year.

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