Positively Inspiring Anime

Face it, we all get ourselves into a rut. We are high on life for one moment and in the next we are hiding under the blankets; so let’s find some inspiring anime to watch.

Durarara!!! Brings you a slice of absurdity and serves it to you with a fresh look on reality; crazy how anime does that. While certainly a topsy turvy ride, this anime has no issue with grabbing you by the ear, kicking and screaming into reality again. A must for anyone contemplating life’s mysteries.

K-On! Screams love, friends and passion. One cannot simply watch this and not feel inspired, pumped or even wowed. The girls of High School Tea Time sure know how to make us feel mushy and wonderfully engaged with the hobbies we all love! We got you tickets to their next concert; you can thank us later.

Mushishi is one chilled anime. Taking a perspective on approaching everything with curious delight and freaky invisible creatures, this anime is sure to stoke that lack of inspiration. Feeling like a Hayao Miyazaki film is a major bonus.

Hope you all enjoyed our smashing line up of anime that will help to get you out of that rut and inspired; just don’t let the inspiration go to your head.

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