Prepare To Fail At Gaming With “Takeshi’s Challenge” On Mobile

Prepare To Fail At Gaming With "Takeshi's Challenge" On Mobile
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Want to feel the pain of failing miserably at a video game from the comfort of your smartphone? Takeshi’s Challenge is back from the 80s, and it’s here to help.

The Legendary Kusoge

Prepare To Fail At Gaming With "Takeshi's Challenge" On Mobile
(Source: Everything Is Bad for You)

Before we begin… yes, the “Takeshi” in question is host and comedian Beat Takeshi. And apparently he hates you, because this game is a nightmare.

Made in 1986, the game casts the player as a salaryman who must leave his everyday life behind and find a treasure. But this proves difficult. You have to do things in a certain order, and if you don’t, you die. And go right back to the beginning of the game. (That’s the first problem — no save points.)

The game is also waiting to kill you at every opportunity. You can get a game over from drinking too hard… or punching someone, or not punching someone, or forgetting to get divorced before you leave home… so basically just about anything that isn’t a very specific line of actions.

There’s a reason fans call it a troll game. (Or, in Japanese, a kusoge.)

The game only ever sold 800,000 copies for the Famicom. So if you want to play it, you may have a hard time.


Misery in the Palm of Your Hand

Prepare To Fail At Gaming With "Takeshi's Challenge" On Mobile
(Source: Everything Is Bad for You)

Taito has announced that the “classic” will be available starting this month on smart devices for 840 yen. This is the first re-issue of the game in the 31 years since its release. The release advertises “no additional content”, meaning you can play the maddening original just as Takeshi intended.

And if you find yourself really loving it, there’s merchandise, too! You can grab Takeshi’s Challenge towels and shirts featuring the pixel art from the game. Visit the Taito Classics store to check it out, as well as other classics in stock.

Do you think you could beat Takeshi’s Challenge? Have you tried? Let us know in the comments!

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