Japan’s Rainbow Potato Chips Will Simultaneously Delight & Disappoint

The packaging for Don Quijote’s newest chips delivers serious expectations… It looks like something Lisa Frank would swoon over.

What on EARTH could be packed into such a magnificently air-puffed bag? Sadly, you won’t be finding any multicolored delights here… Instead, you’ll be munching on  seven different Japanese soup stocks with every bite.

Apparently soup broths are popular right now, according to the Don Quijote Group Press Release (who knew?), Don Quijote and Calbee decided to team up to release this new flavor-packed chip that “everyone, from children to adults, can enjoy” (except those who hate seafood; they might want to skip these).

The Rainbow Potato Chips are flavored like a broth infused with seven ingredients: kelp, bonito, shiitake mushrooms, shrimp, clams, oysters, and scallops.

That sounds like an awful lot of flavors packed into one chip, and given the penchant for some of Japan’s more unique potato chips to be kind of gross or weirdly sweet, we’re not sure how these will turn out.

Japan’s favorite discount store, Don Quijote, is known for having everything you could possibly need. They’ve been an exclusive seller of nine different limited edition Calbee snacks (think Shrimp with Rich Mayonnaise flavored potato chips and Scallops with Soy Sauce and Butter flavored shrimp crackers).

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