Your Ramen Now Has A Water Ride

somen noodle slide
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If you thought only humans get to enjoy the slippery-sliding fun of water parks, you thought wrong.

Noodles (otherwise known as men), play a major role in Japanese dining culture. Once the heat hits, somen noodles become major staples in the cuisine.

Hungry Japanese diners flock to restaurants showcasing flowing somen, which slide down a counter within a ongoing stream of water. The diner grabs them with a pair of chopsticks straight from the water stream and enjoys.

somen noodles slide
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Of course, hygiene isn’t the number one priority during a dining experience like this. NO LONGER. Thanks to the soumen slider, your noodles will have the time of their lives before being eaten, in the comfort of your own home. This noodle slide looks like a game you played as a child, but features water park characters made of ice. Plug it in, insert water & ice, and watch your noodles slippy-slide all the way to your bowl.

The machine’s $162, but is any price too high for truly memorable noodle slurping? We think not.


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