Random Anime News You Need To Know

Random Anime News You Need To Know
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No otaku left behind. Here’s the random anime(ish) news you need to know right now.

New Ruby Chocolate Kit Kat Now on Sale

(Source: ruby.nestle.jp)

This isn’t food coloring. This isn’t a laboratory creation. This is AUTHENTIC ruby-colored chocolate, brought to us by Kit Kat. What a time to be alive! This “Sublime Ruby Kit Kat bar” is made from carefully selected cacao beans called Ruby Cacao. This is now considered a standard chocolate flavor, joining Dark, Milk, and White (White being the most recent one added and that was 80 years ago).

You can buy it on the Kit Kat Japan website… but that’s where the good news ends. You can only buy these in one of three specialty sets—each of them costing over $90. If you’re lucky (and/or desperate), you can find a single bar on eBay for around $15. And honestly, I might be that desperate.


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