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Portgas D. Ace
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Be forewarned, there are spoilers in this blog post. As you probably know, Portgas D. Ace was one of the main One Piece characters right until his death. He’s the reason why Luffy is as strong as he is today… and he’s got a secret.

Here’s the backstory.

Ace was on a hunt for Blackbeard, who had killed Thatch. Ace wanted revenge. In order to do so, Ace finally caught up to him, but was defeated, and thus began the greatest war in the history of One Piece. He was handed over to the Marines, and because of that, Whitebeard took his entire crew to Marineford in order to get Ace back.

It was there that one of the biggest secrets about Portgas D. Ace was revealed. We found out that Ace wasn’t actually Dragon’s son (which everyone was assuming at that point in the storyline). Rather, he was the son of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger (and absolutely no one saw it coming…).

Best part? One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda decided this completely spontaneously during production. Originally, Ace wasn’t supposed to be Gol D. Roger’s son. By the time Oda reached that point in the story, he decided to just go with it, and he made Ace the son of the Pirate King himself.

Of course, One Piece would’ve been a lot different today had Ace really been Dragon’s son. War of Marineford would’ve been a lot bigger, because the Revolutionary Army would’ve been involved as well. The Marines wouldn’t have won the War.

In the end, Ace was completely destined to be the son of Roger. It improved his storyline, and his sacrifice to protect his brother is what makes Marineford the best arc in One Piece history.

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